Cement dumbbell

Cement dumbbell

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Size: 10 Kg, 15 Kg, 20 Kg,  30 Kg, 40 Kg, 50 Kg.

Material: PVC coated + cement

MOQ: 1000 Kgs

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Our company not only produces high-end sports equipment, but also for the low-end market, we have products suitable for them. This cement dumbbell is our new product, which is environmentally friendly and durable. The emphasis is that the price is also very cheap, so it is very popular with customers

Material about it, This dumbbell plate is required to first make a plastic shell. Each dumbbell plate will have a small hole at the bottom that can be opened. When the plastic plate shell is finished, we pour the cement into the plastic shell through the holes. When we're done filling, put the lid back on and the dumbbell plate are ready. And the dumbbell bar is plastic wrapped around iron pipes. And the nut is plastic. You may think that it is not strong because it is made of plastic, but really don't worry, we have all been tested, it is strong and safe. And all the plastic we use is environmentally friendly and won't do harm to our health.

Regarding the specifications, we have 10-15-20-25-30-40-50KG. The cement dumbbells we produced before are all traditional round dumbbell plate. After innovation and transformation, we also added octagon dumbbells, which look better and are more stable on the ground. Many customers like them very much. Our cement dumbbells can also be used by wearing a connecting rod. When we do not use a connecting rod, they are dumbbells. When we add a connecting rod, the dumbbells will become barbells. For the convenience of customers to carry, we also produce dumbbells set, which is a plastic box of the right size. You can put a pair of dumbbells into the box completely, which is very convenient to carry.

About packaging: we put the dumbbell into a carton, and finally put it into the pallet. Pallet is the most commonly used packaging method in shipping, and it is also the best protection for the products, so there is no need to worry about the products will be damaged. We will also wrap several layers of protective film on the most outside of the pallet.

Welcome to buy our cement dumbbells, we will give you the cheapest price, and there are many new styles for you to choose from.

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