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Vinyl kettle bell is widely used in fitness nowadays. More and more people like to use kettle bell. Our kettle bell is Vinyl kettle bell. Its advantage is that it can be made into a variety of colors. The colors we often live in are: red, blue, pink, purple and green. Customers can customize their favorite colors according to their own needs, and even customize their favorite LOGO.

Material about it, the interior is a whole complete made of iron, not joining together, as a whole, and is adopted Vinyl processing outside, look glamorous, very good-looking, and using environmental protection material, no harm to human body, and don't like rubber has a bad smell, it has no smell. In order to make it look more beautiful, we painted the handle. This not only makes the handle look more beautiful, but also feel more comfortable, not prick, not paddle, the handle is very smooth, but also very shiny. And the handle of the kettle bell is not straight, but streamlined, making it comfortable to hold.

Regarding the specifications, we have 4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20-32KG.

About packaging: we put a kettle bell into a carton. First, we will put the kettle bell into an OPP bag as the first layer of protection for the kettle bell, then put it into the carton, and finally put it into the pallet. Pallet is the most commonly used packaging method in shipping, and it is also the best protection for the products, so there is no need to worry about the products will be damaged. We will also wrap several layers of protective film on the most outside of the pallet.

Welcome to buy our kettle bell, we look forward to custom-made kettle bell belongs to you, unique kettle bell.

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