Avoid these 4 “Ineffectional Fitness” Exercises

Perhaps to a healthier lifestyle, or is in order to tighten the muscle line, a lot of people fall in love with the fitness, as a result, some students began to each big custom APP, tutorial books a didn’t fall, play the full theoretical skills, but have to say, practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, don’t blindly follow the “master” practice,Some actions do wrong, may be more practice more injury, the following collated a list of the most common 4 fitness movements correct training methods, fitness party quickly take notes.

1. Push-ups
Fitness students may not have done push-ups, push-ups for the exercise parts: upper body strength, chest, arm, core.Practice wrong easy to cause: periarthritis of shoulder, round shoulder.
Standard push-up training method: first of all, the abdomen tighten, buttocks clamped, chest lift to keep the shoulder blades stable, the body on both sides of the hands slightly wider than the shoulder position, forearms must be perpendicular to the ground.Note that when you get up, your arm should not be straight, slightly bent, and when you fall from the ground 2 to 3 centimeters, your body should be stable and slow, and do not be impatient.

2. Sit-ups
The place that sit-ups basically exercise is: abdomen.The wrong practice can lead to: spinal disease, rigidity of the hip flexor muscle, and herniation of the lumbar disc.
Standard sit-ups exercise method: use the belly, do not forcibly neck, lower back position need to cling to the ground with body up together, so that the belly, and then falls slowly, until the shoulder blade fell to the ground, to make the abdomen keep tight state, also need to focus on the direction of the hands, eyes and breathe out, breathe in whereabouts.

3. Planks
Plank support exercise parts: the whole body, the main test of concentration.Practice wrong can lead to: waist, shoulder injury.
The correct exercise method of plank support: first tighten the abdomen and waist, and then lift the thoracic vertebra upward, and keep the shoulder stable. When doing it, we need to pay attention to the head, buttocks and back to keep on a straight line, with the neck up and even breathing.

4. Side lift of dumbbells
Dumbbell side horizontal lift exercise place is: shoulder.Practice after the wrong easy to cause: shoulder bursitis, biceps inflammation.
The correct exercise method of dumbbell side lifting: after picking up the dumbbell, keep the fist eye down when lifting, the hand can not be higher than the elbow, the elbow can not be higher than the shoulder, the shoulder is sinking backward, the arm can be bent a little, when lifting the arm exhalation, when falling slowly exhalation, maintain a steady speed, must not be irritable.

Post time: Jul-13-2021

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