Dumbbell fitness tutorial

A: chest
1. Recumbent press: mainly practice the thickness of pectoralis major muscle and chest groove.
Action: Lie on your bench with dumbbells in both hands, with dumbbells on your shoulders, palms facing up, push the dumbbells up until your arms are straight, pause, and slowly return to the position.Tip: Push up and down in an arc, allowing full contraction and complete extension of the pectoralis major.
2. Upper oblique push: mainly on the chest muscle.
Action: the main point of action is the same as the recumbent press, the difference is that the stool surface is adjusted to 30 ~ 40 degrees of inclination, lying on it to do.
3. Recumbent birds: mainly practice the middle chest groove.
Action: Lie on the bench, two dumbbells, palms opposite, two arms naturally straight above the chest, two arms slightly bend the elbow to both sides of the dumbbells arc down to the lowest point, chest muscles fully extend, chest muscles force contraction of the arms arc up to restore.

Second:the shoulder
1. Recommendation: mainly exercise the anterior, middle and posterior deltoid bands.
Action: sitting, two dumbbells at the side of the body, two elbows out, palm forward, in an arc to push the dumbbells to the highest point, stop for a while, slowly control the dumbbells according to the original route (arc).Hint: You can also do it standing, with both arms at the same time, or with one arm in turn.
2. Lateral lift: mainly exercise the middle deltoid tract.
Action: Hang both dumbbells in front of your legs, lean forward slightly, slightly bend your elbows, and lift dumbbells to your sides to shoulder height. Put the deltoid muscles in the “peak contraction” position. Pause, then slowly return to shoulder control.Can also be done with one arm, two arm rotation.
3. Bend side lift: mainly exercise the posterior deltoid.
Action: Hold two dumbbells, palms facing each other, bend over and knees, body stable, arms up to the sides, then control the slow return.
Shoulder shrug: Focus on the trapezius muscle.
Action: Hold both dumbbells at your side, slightly bend your knees, slightly lean your upper body forward, fully lift your shoulders, try to touch the earlobe with acromial, stop for a while, and then slowly control and restore.

Rowing with both arms bent over: It focuses on the latissimus dorsi.
Action: Bend your knees slightly, hold the dumbbell in both hands, hang on the front and bottom of your body, and use the latissimus dorsi contraction force to lift the dumbbell to the elbow and shoulder height or slightly higher than the shoulder position, stop for a while, and then use the latissimus dorsi tension to control the dumbbell to slowly restore.Note: when rowing, the latissimus dorsi muscle is mainly contracted and extended. The upper body should not be lifted up to avoid borrowing force.
2. One-arm bending: Mainly on the outer back and lower back.
Action: Hold the dumbbell with the palm facing inward and the other hand supporting the anchor at the knee of the same leg to stabilize the body.Raise the dumbbell to waist (full back contraction), pause for a moment, and then do a controlled slow return (full back stretch), then switch from one side to the other.
3. Straight leg pull: Focus on the lower back, gluteus maximus, and biceps femoris.
Action: hold dumbbells in both hands and hang in front of the body, feet naturally open, shoulder width, straight legs, back straight, body forward, head up, until the upper body is about parallel to the ground.Then the lower back muscles contract and force the upper body back.

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