Vinyl/Neoprene Dumbbells

Vinyl/Neoprene Dumbbells

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Adding mild resistance into your workouts can increase fat burning and also muscle tone. This dumbbell is friendly, safe and comfortable, designed with smaller hands and less resistance in mind. With a soft vinyl /neoprene coated design, these dumbbells are a ideal option for people new to weightlifting or anyone wanting to add light resistance to their training. So this dumbbell is really suitable for ladies and children.

As regards specifications, we have kilogrammes: 0.5kg, 1kg,1.5kg,2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg, 7kg, 8kg, 9kg, 10kg
We also make pounds, we have 2lb, 3lb, 4lb, 5lb, 6lb, 7lb, 8lb, 9lb, 10lb, 12lb, 15lb.
The colors are also varied and very nice. The regular colors we have are red, pink, purple, blue, green......
You can also customize your own LOGO on the dumbbells.

Due to their flattened end shape, the Vinyl/ Neoprene Dumbbells do not roll away when placed on the ground.
The vinyl / neoprene encased heads limit wear and tear to the dumbbells making them durable and wipe-clean.
The coating makes the dumbbells quiet when placed on the floor helping reduce noise and protecting your workout surface.

Package:Plastic film covers the surface of the product, put the carton and then use pallet

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1. Dingzhou Meiao Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. has excellent manufacturing capacity, which can deliver the most popular products within 3-30 days.Even the most popular dumbbells can be delivered within 30 days without scheduling. And can fully guarantee the product quality of excellence and the best customer service. 
2. We have a complete range of products for customers to choose, which is very suitable for customers to create a whole industrial chain for promotion, and we will give some auxiliary purchasing suggestions according to customers' sales channels and sales situation. 
3, We support customized products, as long as you want, we can achieve. The best service has always been our philosophy

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